7 on 7  League Play

7 on 7 Football is a fast growing sport that allows the football enthusiast to enjoy the sport in the Spring and Summer months as well as the Fall time without pounding the athlete’s body on a year around basis. Speed Camp USA has been active on the 7 on 7 Football League scene for over 10 years now. We offer a 7 on 7 Football League and several Select 7 on 7 Football events as well.

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7 on 7 Passing Football League

  • League play is for 7th – 9th grades.

  • Ball is only advanced by completed pass. Optimal team size 10-12 players per team, no drafting of players.

  • Dad’s allowed to coach 5th & 6th grade teams ONLY. 5th & 6th grade ONLY bring your own team, or be placed on a team.
  • High School Juniors & Seniors will coach the 7th – 9th grade teams, assisted by Dad’s. 7th – 9th grade teams determined by JH coaches.

  • Two HS official’s calling each game w/visible game scoreboard. Mouthpieces & Gamebreaker headgear required; trainer at game site.
  • Once per week practices determined by coach, after daily school activities.

Gamebreaker Headgear Head Sizing Instructions
Use a cloth or paper tape measure to measure around your head. For best results, use a plastic/cloth tape measure. Alternately, you may use a piece of string or cord and then measure the length of the cord. Measure across your brow (approx 1″ above eye brows), slightly above your ears keeping the tape parallel to the floor. This measurement is a “two-person” event and is nearly impossible to accurately do by yourself.